The Power of Purpose.

Light a fire within yourself.

That fire will ignite your energy and passion.

Your focus and productivity.

Time-Effective and Cost-Effective.  

Introduced and narrated by Samuel Leon.



WingmanSam will bring you two podcast streams:

Sam’s VIP Clients’ Podcasts. Purpose-driven,Business and Professional Interviews – always different, often challenging and definitely informative. One-on-one discussions covering current directions and trends. These are coal-face discussions with a constantly expanding group of business owners, operators and professional practitioners. You will learn. You will be inspired. You will gain insights and knowledge, all of which may well prove invaluable.

Sam’s Personal “Power of Purpose” Podcasts. I am the Wingman. Wingman Sam. I fly with you, alongside your business, guiding your people through a series of learning experiences. I focus the energy within an organisation to a high level of PURPOSE. Heart-Mind-Purpose. This expands executive and staff Thoughts, Feelings and Actions, exactly in line with Harvard Business School’s 21st Century Marketing Mantra of “Think, Feel, Do” which was created following Harvard’s research into Cognitive Capacity in the workplace and their introduction of EQ.

It is exactly how I have operated for over 50 years, first creating films, then advertising and then becoming Australia’s and one of the world’s leading sales producers and Advisers.

Now I offer my services to businesses to boost productivity, teamwork and results through focused purpose. All in a simple, uncomplicated, time-effective format.
People embrace it. Your staff, your clients, your suppliers, your investors will all love the results.
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