The Power of Purpose.

Light a fire within yourself.

That fire will ignite your energy and passion.

Your focus and productivity.

Time-Effective and Cost-Effective.  

Introduced and narrated by Samuel Leon.



WingmanSam will bring you two podcast streams:

Sam’s VIP Clients’ Podcasts. Purpose-driven,Business and Professional Interviews – always different, often challenging and definitely informative. One-on-one discussions covering current directions and trends. These are coal-face discussions with a constantly expanding group of business owners, operators and professional practitioners. You will learn. You will be inspired. You will gain insights and knowledge, all of which may well prove invaluable.

Sam’s Personal “Power of Purpose” Podcasts. Your “Purpose” in life is a key driver of your thoughts, actions, activities and outcomes. Purpose ignites passion and performance. When you discover your true individual purpose, you will also discover and enhance your place within your organisation. Your job-role will take on a new meaning, with new energy, and focus. This discovery is a one-off, very personal and positive, wake-up call.  Few people ever get the chance to discover their true purpose. We all know it’s there. My purpose and ability – is to inspire you and your team, to discover your and their true “Purpose”. You will benefit, your team will benefit and your business will benefit. In this series, Sam talks about purpose, life, energy, motivation, his experiences, plus a wide range of topics close to his heart in a fun, sometimes serious and always natural, entertaining manner.

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