New thoughts. New ideas.

Input for your own thinking, your own take on your view of the world. 

Bought to you by Samuel Leon.



Wingman will bring you two podcast streams:

Sam’s VIP Clients’ Podcasts. Business and Professional Interviews – always different, often challenging and definitely informative. One-on-one discussions covering current directions and trends. These are coal-face discussions with a constantly expanding group of business operators and professional practitioners. You will learn. You will be inspired. You will gain insights and knowledge which is invaluable.

Sam’s Personal Podcasts. Sam has experienced a great deal in one lifetime. Television production in his teens. Feature film making in his 20s. Life insurance, as an Australian sales leader in his 30s. International speaker. Advertising agency director. Wine and food writer. Creator of the Cancer Council “Dafodill” logo. Consultant to professional firms on business development and client growth. Online magazine publisher. And now, Podcasts producer. Sam talks about life, energy, motivation, experiences plus a wide range of topics close to his heart in a fun and entertaining manner.

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