Chocolate plus Loving Life in a screwed-up World

These podcasts – this entire series – is all about making life work, for us. How I cope and how you cope. What motivates us. Plus Chocolate – a revue at the start of each episode. I love chocolate (most of us do) so it’s a nice way to begin. I also love life. We all have our ‘Ups’ and our ‘Downs’. I’ll feature both – while focusing on the joys, emotions, coping mechanisms and lessons of my quite unbelievable life experiences. Interviews? Lots of them. A wide variety of different people. Some doing amazing things – others maybe not so amazing – all of them with a great story to tell. Enjoy!

Prelude to the first “Sam on Life” podcast series – commencing July 12, 2019

As a speaker, author, online-publisher, keen photographer and most-places-in-the-world traveler, I have mostly enjoyed and certainly experienced a lot in my life to date. That is why I’ve called this weekly series “Sam on Life”.

Add to the above a career in television as a director, film producer, award-winning salesperson, international-speaker, corporate-trainer, motivator and coach, online magazine founder, energy-breathing devotee, body surfer, coffee addict, wine collector plus food fanatic and you will quickly ‘get’ why I chose the title for these regular short Podcasts.

I really hope you enjoy – and benefit – from listening-in each week.

Looking forward to meeting again, soon.


Sam on Life – Episode 1

The Start of it All.  As background to the future episodes of this program I take you back to where it all began. My history Part 1. From birth, school days, my first job in Television to joining the Army for National Service. Next month explodes with adventure, fun, stupidity and excitement. However, you will need this background to fully understand and follow what comes next. Please enjoy this first episode of “Sam on Life”. I hope you will.

Sam joins the Army – Episode 2

The exciting days of television production – launching ships, stage-managing opera performances, floor-manager of Australia’s hit TV musical show “Six O’Clock Rock” starring Johnny O’Keefe, meeting celebrities, traveling, managing outside-broadcasts of the rugby, cricket and every other major sporting event – comes to what I believed would be a temporary halt. I joined the Australian Army as a National Serviceman. The lessons of life and military life, the laughs, the true meaning of Aussie mateship, the pride and the terrible conclusion.

This is Episode 2 of Chocolate plus Loving Life in a screwed-up World.

Sam introduces David the pearl guru and learns about life as a Pawn Broker, Film Producer and Salesman – Episode 3

A lifetime opportunity is forgone. Introducing David Norman the Australian pearl guru. A very, very different career path in both pawnbroking and new & second-hand goods. Introducing our first guest. Feature film Production and sales. Unique learning experiences, a new car and unknowingly, the door is about to open on a major life-changing career.

This is Episode 3 of Chocolate plus Loving Life in a screwed-up World.

Sam meets Pam – Episode 4

Sam meets his future wife Pam. They build a home, a family and a life based on laughter and love.

This is Episode 4 of Chocolate plus Loving Life in a screwed-up World.

Sam meets Life Insurance and a new career begins – Episode 5

Hayman Island is a treasure of the Whitsunday Islands group. On the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, Sam and his wife Pam renew old associations and make new friends. Sam enters the Life Insurance business. It is love at first sight. Sam is made for insurance sales and the insurance business is made for him. This new journey begins – and it will be some journey – an absolutely amazing ride through life!

This is Episode 5 of Chocolate plus Loving Life in a screwed-up World.

A Star in the West “Occidental Life” In Australia – Episode 6

Occidental Life of California had spread its wings. First across the United States of America and into Hawaii. Then Canada, Hong Kong (China had not ‘opened its doors to the West at that time) and Japan. Australia was next followed by the UK. An exciting time for everyone involved. Sam succeeds and qualifies for Oxy’s overseas conferences. He and Pam travel the globe, becoming a part of the Occidental ‘Family’. In this episode, Sam touches on some of the places and relationships that developed – and naturally, he eats some yummy chocolate. Enjoy!

This is Episode 6 of Chocolate plus Loving Life in a screwed-up World.