The Power of Purpose – Introduction

How many times have you heard someone say – or – said yourself, “I just don’t know if what I am doing, or the way I am doing it, is right for me. I know there is something else. Something I should be doing, I feel this kind of hole inside me. I know it’s there – whatever it is that will fill that hole, give me joy, focus and energy, but I just don’t know what it is.” That is what this series of podcasts are all about. Assisting you to find, use and enjoy YOUR true Purpose.

I won’t make it easy. Very little in life that is really worthwhile is ever easy. We will walk the path together. You will hear some amazing stories, learn some amazing techniques and discover many interesting, valuable – and amazing – things, as we travel this journey together. Until next Tuesday.


Purpose – is that all there is? No way!

In this short episode of The Power of Purpose, I discuss alternative human ‘drivers’ such as motivation, mission and love. We are starting our journey, treading softly on the path that will lead to a greater understanding of the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ we humans function throughout our lives.

Passion comes with the knowledge of your Purpose

Once you know your true purpose, the “why” of life and of doing things the way you do – or want to do – then the “how” of your passion becomes obvious. It also becomes easy and much more enjoyable. Yes, you will also have more energy and focus in everything you are passionate about. However, Purpose – knowing your true purpose, your number 1 internal driver, comes first and foremost.

What you believe to be true

We have been invaded – or at least our brains have – and our brains affect everything about us. Our hearts – yes, your heart reacts to emotions and will actually change shape over time, based on external and mental stimulus. Our lungs – shortness of breath, stomach – pains and digestive problems, skin – sweaty or dry. I am not telling you anything you do not already know. Our brains are bombarded constantly by social-media, emails – aaargh – they drive me crazy – and I’m sure that’s true for you too. Everyone has an opinion. Do you? Travel is booming, to places where you can just “shut off” by lazing on a beach, climb a mountain, cruise – as part of the fun – or blissfully on your own. It’s time to claim back YOUR time, YOUR life and YOUR beliefs.

Purpose drives both Dreams and Reality

Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.
– Mahatma Gandhi

Another way, similar and simpler, of stating this, is that “our thoughts really do create our reality”.

I have always said, “Think it – Feel it – Say it out loud, to yourself – repeat it daily all week – and then – Do It.

Once you know, truly know, your real Purpose (in life and in work – they should match) then nothing will stop you.

Watch the video “Full Out” and you will see what I mean.

Slow and Steady – Financial Wisdom

This episode of the Power of Purpose podcast commences with a brief intro to my personal search for Purpose. Then into a deeper discussion on Values and where our Values are created from, plus a short example of a SEE (Significant Emotional Experience) and finally we get to “Purpose”. This episode introduces a guest. Author of a really excellent book, “Slow and Steady” written by John De Ravin. John has been a friend and a colleague for a great many years. His book makes one of the best financial reference manuals I have ever read, written in everyday English that we can all understand – and follow. It is for people at every stage of life, every age and in every financial situation. I hope you enjoy this longer-than-usual (20 minutes) edition.

Finding Your Purpose #1

We are all a bit different. You know that saying, “No two alike”. However, the same Purpose can drive many, many different people. Once you know your “Why”, which is your purpose, the “how” of achieving your goals becomes ever so much easier. The path becomes obvious.

Start by going back in time – to when you were a youngster. What were you ‘naturally’ good at and what gave you enjoyment and pleasure and was easy for you to do. What you may have found easy, others found difficult or embarrassing or both. You could never understand why they found it that way. To you, it was all a “piece-of-cake” so to speak. As you grew and grew older, that natural talent wanted to be released so that you could be the real you. Sometimes it happened – and you followed your purpose, which became your passion and many times it remained and probably still remains, deep inside you – wanting, hoping, pleading, to be released and embraced and fostered. Let it happen. Find your purpose, release your purpose, follow your purpose and truly live your life!

Finding Your Purpose #2

“Know Thyself” Not that easy! We all think we ‘know’ ourselves. How we react to certain situations. What we like. What we do not like. These things are mainly driven by our Values. Those values dictate what we wear, what we like to eat – and what we never eat. Even how we sit on a bus or train. How we drive a car. All values-driven. The purpose is what pushes us. Our individual, true life purpose. A good question is, “does our purpose motivate us to action that purpose – or – does our motivation force us to follow our purpose”? I believe it is the former – our purpose motivates us.

In this segment, I introduce Sam Star. He is an interesting and different person plus a very well-meaning and knowledgable person.

Please listen, enjoy and maybe take away something of value for yourself from this segment.

Good wishes, Sam.