Let me take you inside my brain. That innermost chamber of hidden, private, me-only, thoughts. My entire values-system is locked in here.

I believe that we are born already knowing much of what there is to know. We only need to unlock the “door” to a particular knowledge-room to discover and utilise what lays there, waiting for us.

No, I am not talking about instinct – that is an entirely different area of my brain. A topic for another future Blog.

One of the things I am convinced about is that part of our DNA contains the knowledge and history of our entire previous ancestry. Yep, our ancestors going back to our very beginnings. That is centuries ago! It lives in our cell structure. It’s in also our brains – somewhere. Please understand, this is what I believe. It is not scientific fact.

We just don’t know yet, where it is located, where to find it. That is assuming it’s there to be located? I am positive it is there, somewhere and it affects everything we do because it is everything we are!

It would be amazing, enlightening and very damn scary if we could “tune in” to all this history, knowledge and understanding – of ourselves, where we come from and who we are really today.

I also believe we are capable of changing, in powerful ways. Self-hypnosis? The power of positive thinking? Yoga, Tai-Chi, deep religious practices? A mother seeing her child in danger and reacting to save his/her life? Yes, all of these and more.

So what does all of this, any of this, have to do with Purpose?

I believe it has a great deal to do with discovering, applying and living our true purpose.

Confusing? You bet. I never said it would be easy. However, I also said that some people know instinctively their purpose in this life, from an early age.

Could it be they are somewhat in-tune with their DNA and their Brain “History”?

Think about it.