Long and hard I have thought about it. About what I do. What I am good at. My “purpose”

I have known what my true purpose is for a long time.

Over a lifetime, starting as a kid at school, in my first and all subsequent job roles and in life generally, I have always been and applied the same “me”.

Happy, positive, motivating. A lover-of-life. A lover of people – all people. A ‘giver’ not a ‘taker’.

I led with my heart and my mind. Not wearing-my-heart-on-my-sleeve, as the saying goes, or being calculating and deeply thoughtful. If it felt right – it was right – if it felt wrong, it was wrong.

Science has now proved how the brain actually works this way and why. Science has also shown that the heart is continually sending out messages to the brain and visa-versa. Cognitive connections between Heart, Mind and Body. To this mix I would add something which has not been scientifically proved and that is Soul.

Life. Allowing these connections to work for me and not fighting against them, not to do what I had been taught, or what was expected through the brain-washing we all receive through all of our lives, created a truly wonderful-full life of experiences, friends and accomplishments.

A life of joy, happiness and fulfilment sure beats any other life in my book.

Love, speaks for itself. We all have it. Some in abundance. Some to a lesser extent. It used to be “unmanly” to show it. Today EQ is alive and well. Check out the sporting fields – in every sport. Regardless of gender, gender-preference, age, culture, colour, religion et al. Love is being shown, given and received. And there is abso-bloody-lutely nothing wrong with that. It’s great.

Purpose? Without it you are aimless. An unguided missile. Purpose takes time to understand, time to discover and relate to ourselves. Yet, for others they know it instinctively. They just know it. They recognise it – sometimes early, sometimes late. Once they find it, they are “set for life”.

That is what these blogs, my podcasts, my talks, my teachings and soon my book (hard work) are all about.